• Clarity of Vision

Business and IT Strategy

Advancement through tactful investment

Businesses gain a competitive edge and realize success by uncovering key information to quickly establish themselves in new markets. Logic20/20 advisors can help your leadership team broaden its perspective and make decisions with far-reaching impacts that move your organization forward.

Deep, thorough insight

Successful strategy implementation sustains or improves revenue streams, increases market share, right-sizes the company, and leverages strategic partnerships. Our advisors work to uncover the facts of a situation and present a balanced perspective that helps you move forward with a clear vision for the road ahead.

Proven and reliable consultation

Business leaders need solid advice to help ensure the success of a strategic shift. Logic20/20 advisors provide tactical strategies to solve real-world problems (available in published case studies) and work with senior leaders to forge long-term relationships built on trust and confidence.

Business success through IT efficiency

Successful businesses view IT as a strategic asset. Logic20/20's IT strategy consultants draw on years of experience to help you define your IT strategy through clear value propositions and technology options.

Versatile and reliable systems

IT architecture directly impacts the security, scalability, and maintainability of your systems and your business. Our IT strategy consultants make sure that IT aligns with your business based on critical functions, processes, and goals.

Our IT Strategy Consultants: Knowledgeable resources

Logic20/20 brings the expertise of Senior IT Strategy Consultants and Architects who can assess your current architectures and, if necessary, design new ones to help meet your current and future requirements.