Community Outreach

Logic20/20 is dedicated to our community and sponsors a variety of local outreach organizations. Our employees are deeply involved with these charitable organizations and the company supports them in improving the lives of others. A sample of charitable organizations we support are:


Leaders for Africa

Leaders for Africa is a Seattle-based non-profit organization whose mission is to develop a community of well-trained, well-connected, world-class ethical leaders in Africa who will serve the people and act as catalysts for community and national development. Leaders for Africa equips future leaders to harmonize the sometimes competing demands of a global economy and the needs of their communities through education and leadership opportunities in the United States.

Logic20/20 is proud to support the education of Tesi Uwibambe.


I am fortunate to be a Ugandan born into a Catholic family of patriots with a love for culture. This has shaped who I am now and continues to help form the person I want to be.

My father is a hard-working civil servant and my mother a teacher and a great instiller of cultural values. Together, they sacrificed so much to provide for my brother and I, and above all to give us a great education. In observing them every day, I saw their unwavering love and service to family, community, and everyone around them.

Watching my father work day and night contributing to the safety of Uganda motivates me and shows me that there is hope for the developing world. With leaders like him, leaders that have his resilience and positive attitude towards the future of our country, I know that there is so much the next generation can do to improve our country instead of just looking out for ourselves.

Ever since my childhood, I have always had a love for community service but I was never quite decided on what I would do when I grew up. All I knew very early in life was that I wanted to help people in some way. My peers often questioned me on why I did not have the ambition for making a lot of money, becoming rich and famous. I always felt drawn to serving others, especially those less fortunate than I, as opposed to earning heaps of money to spend on myself. This, together with my love for Uganda, led me to choose between being a soldier in the Ugandan army to defend my country, or to work in the medical field. Since I am not sure of my physical strength, I have chosen to follow the path of medicine where I can find ways to improve the health sector in my country. I want to encourage, and hopefully help build hospitals all over the country so that poor people around the country can gain access to good health care. Today all good hospitals are centralized in the capital city, and cater to those with means.

My earliest memories of community service go back to my childhood watching my mother taking our used clothes and toys to disadvantaged kids in the community. This planted a seed in me and in primary school I started participating in some fundraising events for children’s homes. For two years in high school, every Wednesday I taught homeless youth to read and write. I care deeply about all the community service causes I took part in, but none consumed my passion as much as the fight against Child Sacrifice. Child Sacrifice is the ritualistic killing of children in order to please, propitiate or force a god or supernatural beings in order to achieve a desired result. Working with my peers, teachers, and another organization, we raised enough awareness on this issue and petitioned parliament to pass a law specifically against Child Sacrifice in Uganda. Last year those efforts were rewarded in August 2011, when the Deputy Speaker of Parliament received the bill. To highlight this milestone, I and a friend drove a very successful PR campaign which attracted all the major media in the country.   Most people in my past schools could not wait to leave the country and see what is out there and although we all have a desire to explore, I always knew and still know that my travelling and exposure will bring me back to one place, my home in Uganda where I can help in any way I can from what I will learn and gain from this opportunity to study in the United States.

Logic20/20 is proud to support the work of Leaders for Africa, and is proud to support the education of future leaders in Africa, like Tesi. To find out more about Leaders for Africa, visit their website.


Art with Heart

Since 1996, Art with Heart has been changing the lives of children who are struggling to overcome profound challenges such as trauma, serious illness, or abuse.

We do this through the creation of therapeutic tools and trainings that promote emotional health and well-being. Through our world-class collaborations with mental health experts and award-winning illustrators, we help create life-changing tools that benefit children, not just in Seattle, but world-wide.

Our research-based and age-appropriate books invite children to not only reflect on their past, but to write their future – one that is positive, regardless of the challenges they face.

Despite our small staff size, we have helped over 60,000 youth through the power of creativity. The need for more help is great, however, as studies show that at least one in five youth have a mental health disorder because of trauma – severe enough to cause some level of impairment. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the most serious consequences of untreated mental illness in children are school failure, juvenile detention, and suicide.

The good news is we can make a difference with your help. To learn more about Art with Heart, visit their website.