• Clarity of Vision


Engage and enable your audience

In today’s busy world there are many distractions and stimuli that makes it difficult for organizations to connect with their desired audiences.  Logic20/20 has developed and utilized a methodology in delivering strategic and tactical messaging to a variety of audiences. Our approach is designed to make measurable and positive impact that returns results to our clients.


Provide actionable content

Our consultants understand the changing competitive market landscape, emerging technologies and new social engagement mediums. We use this understanding to identify how to best engage your customer and to deliver the right messages that drive the desired business outcomes.  The Logic20/20 team has extensive experience delivering training materials, sales and marketing playbooks, whitepapers, learning videos and partner engagement materials through conception to the end user.


Areas of consultant expertise

  • Create comprehensive subject materials

  • Produce readiness appropriately aligned to the audience

  • Provide consumable, actionable information with specific, measurable learning objectives

  • Deliver engaging and compelling story

  • Timely content creation and delivery

  • Enable easily distributable content delivery mediums

  • Refresh and refine readiness content through audience feedback, and as solutions change