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Webinar: Thursday, September 12th 12:00 pm-1:00 pm


Businesses typically use multiple dashboard technologies, each having its own portal and features. It can be challenging for users to access dashboards if they don’t have permission, access, or even knowledge of where to find the information they need. That makes access to insight a technology-dependent paradigm. This is further compounded by departmental and geographic silos.


This session introduces the rapidly emerging world of analytics/BI portals as a means of accessing all the dashboards in an organization, irrespective of technology, location, and department. The result is improving ROI on data investments and increasing the potential for user adoption. It covers the key elements needed in a successful portal and related processes to ensure sufficient mechanisms for user access, discovery, and feedback.


By the end of this webinar you will have a clear step-by-step approach and checklist for choosing the right portal for your needs.

Nick Kelly, Director of Visual Analytics, Logic20/20

Nick is a hands-on leader in analytics with over 16 years of international experience in analytics and software development, deployment, adoption, and user experience. Nick’s passion lies in building user-centric analytics capabilities that align with business strategy and produce actual value to the business. He has been featured in videos and articles, a regular speaker at international conferences, and has personally trained over 2,000 management consultants in data visualization and analytics best practices.


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