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Partnering to deliver energy & resource innovation

It’s both a challenging and exciting time for energy and resource companies as consumption increases, technology advances, and the need for substantial infrastructure investment disrupts the entire industry. Logic20/20 partners with our energy and resource clients to help them adapt to the change and support their transformation for the new and changing ecosystem. We help our clients leverage their current investments and find new methods to unlock shareholder and customer value. Logic20/20 supports our energy and resource clients to design viable solutions for the more efficient, intelligent, and clean use of energy and natural resources, while wading through regulatory and political headwinds.

Our expertise

Leveraging data insight to capitalize on energy industry changes

At Logic20/20, it’s our goal to help our energy and resources clients create a culture of measurement and innovation that allows for real-time insight in complex data scenarios. Our teams have experience partnering with energy and resources clients to develop strategies and the understanding of how to use data to drive real change and impact for their businesses, stakeholders and customers. Our tried and tested data analytics approaches, combine with our industry-specific expertise, helps us create analytics solutions that support integrated decision-making that engages stakeholders and customers alike, while enhancing transparency and governance.

Integrating culture and process after an energy merger or acquisition

In the fast changing and expanding energy MA space, it’s critical for energy service organizations to look for ways to create or enhance value for their shareholders. Our energy and resources clients look to achieve this through opportunistic acquisitions, mergers, and organizational splits to drive shareholder value. When a merger or acquisition fails, the results are readily apparent: there’s a drop-in morale, synergies fail to materialize, and talent leaves the new organization. Logic20/20’s experienced consultants bring proven approaches and tools that we adapt to customer environments to integrate cultures and processes smoothly. Our teams help leadership understand how to operate as a new entity and to develop an understanding of how to successfully drive the organization across people, technology and operational processes.

Driving strategic initiatives that promote the intelligent and efficient use of resources

Logic20/20's strategy and operations services enable our energy & resource clients to devise, plan and enact strategic initiatives that promote the intelligent and efficient use of resources. From driving SMART metering programs to optimizing to deregulated energy markets, our methodology and experienced consultants provides long-term quality and business value to organizations. We help companies deliver their most important initiatives by optimizing the alignment of people, process, and tools to drive improved operational outcomes and competitive advantage.


Modernizing legacy technology tools & processes

With pressure to yield a good return on investments within the Energy & Resources sector, our clients are looking for new perspective in technology and processes to improve their competitive advantage. At Logic20/20, we bring both industry specific knowledge and a breadth of technology experience; we help our customers understand the emerging innovations and options to grow their business now. We provide support with technology/vendor selection, project leadership, process re-engineering through to technology solution implementation, training, organizational change and post go-live support.





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