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Kathryn, Senior Consultant

Kathryn Heyert

What brought you to Logic20/20?

Some years ago, I was referred to Logic by a friend. I love the wide breadth of projects and roles I’ve been in, allowing me to explore industries and areas of expertise. From solving challenging problems on project to celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and sharing what I’ve learned with others who might find it useful, my experience has been extremely fulfilling. At Logic, I have amazing colleagues who push me to do more than I ever have before, mentors who care about my career and provide insight and guidance to help me succeed, and a work family that has supported me through thick and thin.


What’s your background?

I grew up in the greater Seattle area and worked in retail and restaurants while pursuing my undergraduate degrees at the University of Washington. During my time at UW, I spent four years in the Husky Marching Band and was the founding President of Women in Informatics (Winfo). Prior to joining Logic, I was working in the service industry and professionally focused on user experience design.



B.A. Business Administration: Finance, Foster School of Business, University of Washington

B.S. Informatics: Human Computer Interaction, the Information School, University of Washington


What do you think makes a great consultant?

The consultants I look up to most are those who are genuinely passionate about their work and helping their clients achieve their highest potential. I think a great consultant has high attention to detail and listens carefully to their clients to understand their needs and provide solutions to meet them. They are always looking for new knowledge and skills to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and inspire others by sharing that.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by the amazing people around me and random conversations about how we could fix problems that appear in front of us.



When I’m not busy showering my two Australian Shepherds with love and affection, I’m probably watching anime, reading manga, or playing video games. I recently picked up Wushu, and playing various musical instruments is also somewhere in the mix, along with drawing and painting.