Logic20/20 believes in supporting our clients with the appropriate skills and capabilities that is best suited for task to be performed.  As such Logic20/20 has formed a number of strategic partnerships to ensure our clients have the support to be successful in all environments.

As a Microsoft managed partner, Logic20/20 helps both organizations large and small leverage full suite of Microsoft solutions to provide holistic solutions to our customer’s needs.  Since 2007 Logic20/20 has collaborated with Microsoft to drive operational efficiency, creative solutions and value into both business and IT environments.  Our partnership with Microsoft extends beyond just implementation for our customers: with our core business management solution (Practice Management) running on Windows Azure; in addition we both partner in industry events like the Dun & Bradstreet Small Business Event in Seattle.

Our team utilizes Microsoft technology to provide the following (but not limited to) services to our customers:

We are proud to be recognized by Microsoft as a Cloud Accelerate partner and certified in five (5) silver competencies recognized our consultant’s knowledge and understanding of the Microsoft platforms.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know how Microsoft solutions can support your business.

Tableau Software provides new capabilities for discovering and communicating valuable information - empowering users with actionable data in ways they've never been able to visualize before.

Logic20/20 is a Tableau Alliance Partner certified in Tableau Desktop and Server. We are both fierce advocates for the technology and wide-eyed about the challenges of implementing Tableau in the enterprise.


We know that working with any visualization tool, understanding its potential, and implementing successfully to leverage that potential can be daunting. Challenges we often hear from customers about visualization tools:


  • The software is too complex
  • They are struggling to access, understand and share their data
  • Their data visualizations aren't compelling
  • They are challenged by ever increasing quantities and sources of data
  • Adoption rates are disappointing

Logic20/20 Tableau experts help solve these challenges by offering Tableau data integration, visualization and training support, enabling customers to access, interpret and share their most critical data.

Our customers face changing economic and environmental factors that require solutions and services that can scale, reduce total cost of ownership and enable business agility.  Logic20/20’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a certified consulting partner enables our team to provide a wide variety of solutions and capabilities that support these goals.  Our AWS partnership enables us to provide:

Logic20/20 is a trusted consulting partner of Smartsheet, supporting clients to realize the value of bringing together tasks, people and work processes to execute meaningful work. Our business and technology consultants provide full range of consulting support to help clients implement, customize and integrate Smartsheet into their enterprises.


As Apptio’s most experienced global partner, our team of engagement managers and configuration specialists are uniquely positioned to cooperatively deliver Technology Business Management solutions. Learn more about Apptio Cost Management Solutions 




Logic20/20 and AppZero have formed an exciting relationship that will facilitate an extension of Logic20/20’s capabilities to migrate and move server applications to and across public cloud, private cloud, or data center servers. Logic20/20’s deep experience in cloud technologies, rich understanding of custom software development, and proven project management methodologies, in conjunction with AppZero’s products, will expand Logic20/20’s ability to optimize application migrations.


AppZero makes complex Windows server applications moveable with one-click simplicity, including AppZero Cloud and AppZero Enterprise. AppZero Cloud automates extraction and movement of enterprise server applications to public or private cloud. AppZero Enterprise encapsulates Windows Server applications for movement across physical or virtual servers to run in data centers and public or private clouds without modification. Microsoft recommends AppZero for moving a variety of applications from Windows Server 2003, which reaches the end of extended support in July 2015, to Microsoft’s newer operating systems. Together, Logic20/20 and AppZero reduce the difficulty and risk of migrating and moving applications in complex environments. 


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how Logic20/20 can help you envision migrating your applications.

As a full service consulting organization looking to support clients drive simplicity in complex environments, Logic20/20 was selected by the Federal Government as a vendor to support them on initiatives originating through the IT Schedule 70 procurement vehicle.  In addition Logic20/20 was awarded one of three master contracts with Washington State DES to provide web and content based solutions for organizations within the state.

These partnerships allows Logic20/20 to provide streamlined support with the Federal and State Government entities to achieve their business and IT needs.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn how we can provide support to both Federal and State Governments.

As one of North America’s preeminent Unified Communication providers both with Avaya and Microsoft solutions, ArrowS3 provides Logic20/20 enterprise customers the scale and innovative communication solutions that drive reliability and efficiency. Logic20/20 also works closely with ArrowS3 customers to provide Business Intelligence and services to support their business goals and objectives.

Tectura (now known as UXC Eclipse) As one of North America’s strongest Microsoft Dynamics AX and GP providers, UXC Eclipse provides Logic20/20 enterprise customers the scale and innovative ERP solutions that drive lower total cost of ownership.  Logic20/20 also works closely with UXC Eclipse customers to provide SharePoint services to support their business goals and objectives.

Logic20/20 is a registered consulting partner with Our consultants can assist you with a full range of cloud computing services, including; implementation, training, customization, data migration, integration and custom application development. We apply industry proven methodology and best practices to guarantee a successful implementation. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view learn more about how our team can help support you