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Logic20/20 has experience in helping leadership teams broaden perspectives and make decisions with far-reaching impacts resulting in improved revenue streams, increased market share, and utilization of strategic partnerships.

Business leaders need solid advice to help ensure the success of a shift in strategy. Our team can provide strategies and approaches to solve real-world problems and work with your senior leaders to forge long-term relationships built on trust and confidence.


Our Expertise

  • Customer Experience
  • Business Modeling (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Business Process Management
  • Go to Market Strategies
  • Sales and Marketing Excellence
  • Business and IT Strategy
  • Audience Engagement
  • Readiness
  • Product Innovation

Featured Solutions

windowsEngage your customers and partners through readiness excellence

There are many innovative ideas and companies in today’s changing business and technology landscape all vying for the end customers attention.  Logic20/20 has extensive experience providing business and technology leadership combined with sales and marketing excellence to engage audiences for maximum business impact.  Recently we helped Microsoft communicate the value of Windows 8 Devices for enterprises. 


Please reach out to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn how Logic20/20 can help you engage your customers or partners.

dataDrive strategic decisions through proven qualitative and quantitative analysis

 As today’s economic, political and consumer environment shifts, understanding where to focus your attention and investment is paramount to supporting your organization adapt to the changes.

Logic20/20 has developed and tested a proven qualitative and quantitative strategic analysis approach that enables our clients to test multiple hypotheses and customer driven scenarios.  This approach provides our clients the ability to make informed decisions when faced with uncertainty taking into account a diverse set of data points and perspectives.

Please reach out to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to learn how Logic20/20 can help you drive strategic insight and decisions for your organization.

ArasAras Provides New Level of Scalability on Microsoft SQL Server Database

The Logic 20/20 team is excited to announce the results of our first benchmark test engagement with the Aras Innovator 10 series of whitepapers. The papers describe the results of testing the product lifecycle management software, and comparing its performance to other solutions in the market, demonstrating the power, versatility, and massive scalability.

Aras Innovator 10 on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition

Aras Innovator 10 running on SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition

Additional Capabilities

Digital Transformation

Advanced Analytics

Managed Services