Windows Devices Deliver – Whitepaper Series


The threat of malware attacks and vulnerability exploits are constant problems for enterprises. The attacks are always happening, and in greater and greater numbers, so the question is not whether or not a security breach will happen, but when. Microsoft has been working to improve the security profile of Windows 8.1 devices by integrating startup protection and cryptographic hardware to provide a foundation of trust on which the platform can build, and by continually improving on their practice of being agile and quick to respond to operating system vulnerabilities. In comparison, Apple has a history of being slow to address security vulnerabilities, instead rolling critical fixes into their standard update pipeline, and providing security by partnering with third-party vendors.

Security whitepaper



The rise in corporate employees wanting to use their personal devices for work purposes makes management tools more important than ever. Microsoft provides a robust set of tools that facilitate management of PCs and mobile devices in the enterprise space, offering IT unparalleled granular control over identity, devices, and apps in their managed environment. This Enterprise Cloud Suite unifies many disparate tools that manage different devices and parts of the enterprise and allows for management on a single device, through a single pane of glass. While the Apple stance on management has evolved to partially address enterprise solutions recently, Microsoft has a long history of developing with the enterprise in mind and includes stronger testing capabilities, source, and workflow management tools in their solution.

Management whitepaper