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Logic20/20 is a West Coast–based business and technology consulting firm dedicated to solving complex problems and creating better experiences for customers, partners, and employees. Because we’re a consulting shop with a diverse clientele, our team members have the chance to take on new challenges on a regular basis, working on new and exciting projects with different teams and different technology stacks.

Our Global Delivery model and Connected Hubs keep you plugged into our culture and projects, online and in person.

Life as a Lead Developer


“Why Logic?” We asked our Developer team why they like working at Logic20/20. Top results include collaborative teams, the developer community, interesting technology, and projects that make a real impact.

Watch the video with Lead developer Ranjit Nair to learn more.

“We’ve got a ton of new projects coming up for various companies. All are built using the newest technology and best in software development practices."


Solutions Manager

Employee Experience



Culture of innovation

Remote & hybrid

High-impact projects



Continuous learning


Best Firms 2022

Consulting Magazine’s Best Firms to Work For

Logic20/20 was honored by Consulting Magazine in the “Small Firms” category for their innovative and collaborative company culture.

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