Artificial intelligence


AI is transforming the way businesses operate

No single technology has done more to heighten productivity, innovation, and operational efficiency in recent years than artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI. While the possibilities of AI applications are extensive, equally important is the need to manage its implementation responsibly and ethically. Logic20/20 delivers the strategic expertise, technical aptitude, and proven holistic approaches businesses need to accelerate their AI journeys.

Elevating productivity, satisfaction, and innovation with AI

Enterprise users of the generative AI app Microsoft Copilot have reported …

hours saved per week
on average1 Learn more about the 1.2 hours stat



faster searches
for information1 Learn more about the 33% stat

AI governance: aligning innovation and safety

An effective AI governance program helps businesses bring innovative solutions to production quickly and responsibly by covering all facets of AI safety:

AI governance safety factors

Logic20/20’s scalable approach engages AI stakeholders with strategy, process, and tools to accelerate their work.


  • Cross-discipline AI governance board
  • AI ethics, privacy, and security standards
  • Goals and KPIs for success
  • Strategic investments


  • Governance gates
  • Design, development, and monitoring checklists
  • Model registration guidelines
  • Change management


  • Centralized provisioning
  • Enterprise model registration and catalog
  • Privacy and security compliance templates
  • AI ethical development templates


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