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The biopharma industry has a truly remarkable mission, leveraging the full power of human innovation to deliver life-changing and life-saving medications and therapeutics. New technologies, including AI, data, and digital tools are accelerating innovation and creating more agile organizations that can flex to global supply chain disruption, respond to unstable labor markets, and optimize the R&D process to meet increasingly stringent pricing regulations.

Our expertise

R&D innovation


Leverage responsible AI & machine learning models and digital technology to streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks, and increase the speed of innovation.

Compliance services


Tap into a blend of regulatory knowledge, operational know-how, and technical expertise to meet current and future compliance obligations.

Supply chain & manufacturing


Leverage digital products and automation to drive process efficiency and analytics and data science for demand forecasting, QA, and supply chain resiliency.


Customer care


Meet rapidly evolving customer expectations with AI-powered tools that increase self service and reduce the time to resolution with robust tools for agents.

Commercial operations


Leverage data to understand your customers and deliver targeted, omni-channel campaigns and AI tools to answer doctor and patient questions faster.

Enterprise analytics


Put your data to work with comprehensive analytics strategy, an analytics roadmap, and accelerators like data science center of excellence, robust MLOps, and data governance.

Case studies

Logic20/20 parters with life science organizations to expedite time to market for life-saving treatments, drive productivity gains, and elevate customer and employee experiences.

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Shortening clinical trial lifecycles


Expediting regulatory filings through process improvement

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Strategic vision to create a flexible and scalable service management model

Who we’ve worked with

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