Leveraging our expertise and technology to drive innovation in the insurance sector


In the field of insurance, we partner with organizations to deliver their most important initiatives centered around customer engagement and retention, improving reporting systems and modeling data using pricing and predictive analytics. We help them achieve their organizational goals and drive impactful positive outcomes for their businesses and communities. It’s our mission to bring measurement into the insurance sector to promote the intelligent growth of industry with an eye towards the future.

Our Expertise

Personalized Customer Engagement


We help you reach new audiences and improve conversion rates by finding the technology that works for you as you optimize your digital marketing efforts. We create premium experiences for your prospects ensuring data-driven personalization, tailored experiences and customized incentives across social, SMS text, app, and web channels. Our marketing solutions make it easy for you to understand who your customers are, what they are looking for, and how to manage engagements efficiently.

Predictive Analytics & Industry Trends


Competition is tough. Predictive analytics can help insurers identify and target potential markets. Data can reveal behavior patterns and common demographics and characteristics, so insurers know where to target their marketing efforts. We look at your historical and current data and formulate predictions that can help you plan more carefully for the future.

Driving Data Insight


Insurance analytics can review claims to ensure they are legitimate and provide recommendations on payments to minimize the losses. Analytics can be used for fraud, subrogation, settlement, loss revenue, activity, and litigation. Working alongside adjusters, analytics can flag claims for closer inspection, priority handling and more. Our teams have extensive experience developing data solutions to unlock opportunities and uncover answers to your toughest questions.

Cloud Migration


Companies are accelerating the process of moving digital assets to the cloud requiring careful analysis, planning and execution. We can help improve workload and query times while reducing overall cost of ownership. We use new technologies like Snowflake to provide a data platform that allows easy scaling to store massive amounts of data and spread compute power across many machines. Our innovative data migration process makes cloud storage solutions a breeze.


Customer Care


Today’s customers expect a seamless, simplified customer service experience on the channels that they use every day. We take the time to understand your customers and create a customer care ecosystem powered by AI that is tailored to your needs. We use automation tools like virtual agents to build on a platform that integrates data from across your business. The end result is experience where everyone wins – your customers, agents, and your bottom line.

Data Culture


Employees need basic skills and knowledge to read and understand data and make faster and impactful business decisions. Fostering a culture of data includes treating data as an asset and allowing for data exploration, data correction and ensuring the data has value. We empower users with quality data and the right visualizations to gain new insights and meet their objectives.


In one of the world’s most highly regulated industries, Logic20/20 delivers value-driving insights for enhanced productivity and elevated customer experiences.


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