Innovations in the Energy Utilities Industry

Innovation for a brighter future

Change is the new normal for U.S. utilities. Increasing electrification, evolving technologies, and infrastructure investment drivers are disrupting the status quo—all as the global community pushes to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Using machine learning, visual analytics, and cloud processing, utilities can predict and improve outcomes, whether that’s in vegetation management, asset inspections, or customer service. Logic20/20 helps utilities leverage technology to get the most out of existing investments and new discoveries in powering a brighter future.

Our expertise

Grid Operations

Modernize grid operations to optimize use of energy resources through improved monitoring, management, and efficiency of the grid.


Transmission and distribution

Adapt to a new era of data-driven energy transmission and distribution with optimized investment planning and asset management.

Forecasting renewables

Bring a new level of accuracy to renewables forecasting and improve planning on both supply and demand sides.

AI for customer service

Improve customer satisfaction with AI and analytics-driven platforms that elevate customer experiences while reducing the cost of care.

Emergency Operations

Train for, respond to, and recover from dangerous conditions and extreme weather with real-time data and accurate insights.

Grid edge and 5G

Improve efficiency of energy management with edge computing, 5G technology, smart meters, and other smart devices.

Compliance services

Tap into a blend of regulatory knowledge, operational know-how, and technical expertise to meet compliance obligations.

“San Diego Gas and Electric has had the opportunity on multiple occasions to partner and collaborate with Logic20/20 on strategic initiatives associated with process improvement, data modeling, and regulatory compliance. Logic20/20’s team of analysts and managers demonstrate the highest level of competency, effectiveness, and professionalism that have netted productive and meaningful results helping to further continual improvement in our operations. I appreciate and thank them for their contributions.”


Energy & Utility Insights

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Drones plus AI: meet the future of utility asset management

The combination of drone technology and AI offers utilities an optimal solution to their asset management challenges.

power lines in a  wooded area

Using machine learning to improve vegetation management

Machine learning helps utilities allocate vegetation management resources where they’re most urgently needed.

solar panels under a clouded sky

Renewable energy forecasting with AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning enable utilities to improve the accuracy of renewable energy forecasting.

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