At a glance

Cambia Health Solutions needed a new system for enterprise service management. Logic20/20 business consultants created a custom vision to handle current IT service management, changes to the internal service culture, and a flexible system to handle future, undefined products and services.

Customer challenge

Cambia’s current system for handling IT service management was not set up to provide the high level of support that was desired. They needed help to create a strategic vision for a new system that supported their goal of being a “service-oriented organization” and was flexible and scalable for future projects and services with unknown requirements.

Approach and solution

Logic20/20 management consultants developed a strategic vision, including scope and guidelines, for an approach to enterprise service management. We:

  • Conducted IT stakeholder interviews, across IT groups and ender users, to understand the current system and future needs involving IT service management, help desk ticketing, asset management, and the IT management system.
  • Researched existing documentation
  • Created document to share that new vision that included scope, current issues, key use cases, personas, and solutions
  • Defined a future roadmap that included strategic solution, POC, deployment schedule, and change management needs.

Value and Benefits – “The Wins”

Cambia grove received a comprehensive strategic vision for enterprise service management that:

  • Is flexible and scalable to support current needs and undefined future projects.
  • Supports Cambia’s movement towards becoming a “service-oriented organization”
  • Creates a shared vision across the organization with stakeholder buy-in, which is a key component of new project success.

About Cambia Health Solutions

Cambia Health Solutions is a family of 20 companies that works together to transform health care. Their goal is to create a health care system that is more economically sustainable and efficient. They’re headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

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