Grid Intelligence: Data Analytics for Utilities

Operational intelligence, powered by data


Faced with an aging infrastructure, increasing energy consumption, shifting demand patterns, and a host of other challenges, utility companies are taking control of their future with data-driven solutions. Modernization is their goal, and the advanced Utility Analytics solution is helping them achieve it. For utilities, analytics provide a way to turn raw data into valuable insights that can drive operational improvements.

Logic20/20 helps utilities build operational intelligence to meet the growing demands of today’s environment and achieve their modernization goals of


  • High return on infrastructure investments
  • Improved system safety and reliability
  • Reduced operating costs

Benefits of Utility Analytics

Reduced outage risk and improved reliability

Intelligent predictions with utilities data analytics enable predictive maintenance to reduce truck rolls and avoid service disruptions.

Increased customer satisfaction

Manage assets proactively with utility data analysis to reduce and/or eliminate downtimes, keeping customers comfortable, safe, and happy. Analyze customer information and utilize real-time analytics to provide better service.

Regulatory reporting automation

Easily access vital compliance information to satisfy regulatory requirements such as California’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

Renewables forecasting

Meet sustainability requirements, build more accurate predictions, and adapt to fast-changing environmental factors.

Proactive cost management

Use machine learning solutions to predict asset failure and send repair crews precisely when and where they’re needed.

Increased agility

Utility predictive analytics give decision makers the timely data-driven insights they need for adapting to a changing environment.

Our solution

Analytics in the energy sector is not just an advantage but a necessity. For utilities, analytics is critical to navigating the evolving energy landscape.

Logic20/20 guides you through our proprietary Utility Analytics Maturity Model via a coordinated series of initiatives focused on strategy, technology, and talent.

Early Stage Maturity

Begin at legacy ops

We meet you where you are today and create a 360-degree picture of your present data ecosystem. With utility data analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of your data ecosystem, identify areas for improvement,  and improve customer service by analyzing customer behavior.

Utility Domain Data Models
Data Governance Process Map & Templates
AGILE Data Science Process Template

Middle Stage Maturity

Build analytics strength

For utilities, analytics is the cornerstone of progress and innovation. We define, communicate, and sponsor a transformative vision for your analytics transformation, ensuring you stay ahead in performance.

Data Science Team Assessment Mix
Cloud Data Migration Template
Machine Learning Ops Template

Late Stage Maturity

Achieve grid intelligence

Data analytics is a transformative tool that drives smarter, more efficient utility operations. Reach your efficiency and safety goals and enable real-time operational decision making—all supported by analytics. Turn every information opportunity into actionable insights.

Investment Planning Template
Asset Health Template
Computer Vision Template

Case Studies

Logic20/20 partners with utilities to leverage intelligent technologies in achieving their grid modernization goals.


Validating vegetation management plans for WMP compliance

Wunderman Thompson Group Shot by Noah David Smith


Mitigating wildfire risk with computer vision–aided asset management

Solutions framework


Preventing wildfires and protecting public safety with cloud-based machine learning

Grid Intelligence Insights

Engineer working at power plant

A new era of data-driven T&D investment planning

Utilities are being challenged to change their approach to T&D investments, and intelligent technologies offer a solution.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

Anticipating energy demand using neural networks

In optimizing operations and harnessing analytics to make the best demand forecasting decisions, utilities are turning to neural networks.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

The AI call center: How artificial intelligence empowers customer service reps to generate revenue

AI call center tools enable customer service organizations to evolve from cost centers to revenue generators.

Our Utilities Leaders

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Alex Lago

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Adam Cornille

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Tejan Gabisi

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Senior Manager, Digital Transformation

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Shelby Mastroianni

Senior Customer Success Manager

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Jordan Morse

Senior Customer Success Consultant

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