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Advanced Analytics

-Clarity of data-

The intelligent pursuit of useful informationWe enable data driven decisions by focusing on your customer and the data that powers your organization.

Advanced Analytics is not just about collecting data. It’s about learning how to use data to gain insight into your organization and making changes to positively impact your business. Logic20/20 has the capability to help clients establish a data driven model, from gathering business context to driving change through predictive analytics and customer insight.

Our expertise

Reporting & Visualization

Get information to the right people at the right time with data analytics and reporting.

Data Warehouse Design & Implementation

Elegant designed data storage with an eye towards access and security.

Assessment, Roadmaps & Data Modeling

Assess business and technical needs and design models to get the right data to the right people and answer the right questions.

Data integration & transformation

Integration into new and existing systems and processes.

Single View of the Customer

Architecting master data management (MDM) to achieve the consolidated single golden record of the customer.

Big data analytics

Customer and business insight with big data, advanced analytics, streaming analytics, & Internet of Things (IoT)

Deep / Machine Learning

Automated & predictive analytics models to support business growth

Data Platform Creation

Design & implement of data movement across organizations in a streamlined, accurate, timely, and governable solution.

Predictive Analytics & Data Science

Explore what’s possible with data and get data-informed answers to business questions.

Featured Solutions


Featured Projects in Advanced Analytics


  • Innovative solutions help educators predict & prevent high school drop-out.
  • Updated analytics infrastructure to support business operations, including fundraising.
  • Improved diversity spend reporting.
  • Designed a new Enterprise Data Warehouse and reporting system to identify quality gaps and improve patient care.
  • Created an advanced analytics platform to empower users with timely, actionable data.
  • Strategic competitive analysis to drive new marketing insights and streamline analytics.
  • Updated enterprise data warehouse supports analytics for the sales and marketing teams.
  • Advance business insights and introduce operational efficiency with new, integrated data platform
Corona Norco

Predictive analytics used to reduce drop-out rates


Fundraising “pledge cards” and analytics

University of Washington

Increased insight with diversity reporting

City of Seattle

Analytics and application development

Sea Mar

Improve patient outcomes


Strategic Competitive Analysis


Improve customer experience and retention


Data informed decisions

Brooks Running

Enterprise data warehouse


ETL foundation & cube migration