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Advanced Analytics

Revolutionize your analytics strategy with information that matters. We solve your toughest challenges by enabling data-driven decisions, allowing you to adapt and grow with ease.

Reduce the noise of ineffective data and to make informed decisions with a data management plan that works for you.


Whether your business is ready to move faster, reduce total costs, or increase sales, our advanced analytics teams can help.


Our Capabilities

Data Visualizations

Gathering data is only part of the equation. Communicate the right information to the right audience at the right time with clear data visualizations.

Data Warehouse Design & Implementation

Get more out of your data storage. We work with you to design a secure and accessible data warehouse to fit your needs.

Assessment, Roadmaps & Data Modeling

Find answers to your most pressing questions. We assess your needs and design models that enable quick decision making.

Data Integration & Transformation

We make data integration painless so you can access data wherever and however you need to.

Single View of the Customer

Ready for a single source of truth? We architect master data management (MDM) to give you information you can use with confidence.

Machine Learning

Make machine learning a competitive solution. We excel in automation & use predictive analytics models to enhance business growth.

Data Migration

Need to access your data anywhere and everywhere? Our innovative data migration process makes on-premises transfer to cloud storage solutions a breeze.

Big Data Analytics

Tap into Big Data to use customer metrics to your advantage. We streamline analytics, put data in context, enable the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.

Predictive Analytics & Data Science

Forecast analytics to explore what’s possible with your data. You’ll get up-to-the-minute answers to your business questions and concerns.

Production Grade Cloud-based Solutions

With Cloud solutions in place, your infrastructure supports coordination between you and your enterprise level clients.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Implement framework best practices

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach to cloud architecture and is built on five key pillars. Logic20/20 is certified to perform Well-Architected reviews; we’ll identify areas to improve your workload and create applications that are secure, high-performing, and resilient.


Well-Architected Reviews
AWS Well-Architected Review
Dashboard Design Process Webinar

Learn more about the dashboard design process through the Dashboard Process Webinar. 

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Onsite Dashboard Training

Learn industry best practices and develop dashboard wireframes for your business.
• Ensure business value
• Tell a story with data
• Steps to wireframe a dashboard

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Making customer engagement your strategic advantage.

In today’s business landscape, the effectiveness of your customer engagement is now just as important as the goods and services your business provides.


We deliver cutting edge solutions that enable multi-channel customer engagement, real time analytics, and secure connections.


Learn more about customer engagement solutions.

Analytics Hub

Increase ease of use and user adoption for analytics assets.

Your organization probably spends a lot of time and resources developing business intelligence dashboards to create a data-driven culture.


Analytics Hubs allow you to access all the dashboard and analytics assets in your company, irrespective of technology, location, and department. Analytics Hubs focus on user experience, delivering relevant and timely content about the analytics assets and encouraging user interaction and feedback.


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Customer Engagement


Leverage the right people, processes, and technology to unlock the power of your data.

Our teams collaborate with yours on BI and analytics platforms tailored to your unique business requirements. We ensure you can stay ahead of the technology curve, make better decisions, and harness the full power of BI and analytics, especially across critical areas like customer engagement and product development.




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Practice Area Lead

Mick Wagner

Mick Wagner
Experienced leader helping teams succeed with data lifecycle strategy, solution architecture, data management, and more.


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