Data Science and AI: Empowering Decision-Making

Operational intelligence, powered by data

It’s time to put AI to work.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the face of business and innovation, with use cases in customer service, marketing, HR, research, and a host of other functions. As transformative as these technologies are, there’s one thing they absolutely depend on: data. Specifically, AI and ML need clean, accurate data, and lots of it.

Every minute of every day, terabytes worth of data fly into, through, and out of your organization. Data science combines strategies from multiple disciplines to transform all that data into a strategic asset, providing stakeholders and smart applications with the insights they need to address today’s challenges and predict tomorrow’s opportunities.

To get from current state to “operational intelligence,” organizations need to evolve their strategy, team capabilities and structures, and technology. At Logic20/20, we partner with you to accelerate your data science journey and create unique insights and enhance your decision-making processes.

Organizations worldwide are adopting AI in their business transformation journey, not just because they can but because they must to be agile, resilient, innovative, and able to scale.

Ritu Jyoti, Program Vice President, IDC

Build analytics maturity to achieve operational intelligence

A well-planned data science roadmap can enable organizations to achieve their business goals—and realize additional benefits along the way. We start with the “you’re here” marker and implement new processes, technology solutions, and AI products to streamline your business operations.

Define analytics maturity


We meet you where you are today and create a 360-degree picture of your present data ecosystem.


– Domain-specific data models
– Data governance process map & templates
– AGILE data science process template

Build analytics strength


We define, communicate, and sponsor a transformative vision for your analytics transformation.


– Data science team assessment mix
– Cloud data migration template
– Machine learning ops template

Operational intelligence


Reach your efficiency and revenue goals and enable real-time operational decision making—all supported by analytics.


– Investment planning template
– Real time operations template
– Data mesh standards and vision

Real-world results

By leveraging proven best practices in data science, we transform your structured and unstructured data into a strategic asset that drives more profound insights, better-informed decisions, and game-changing business solutions.

Data-driven insights

We use statistical modeling, simulations, and data visualization to transform raw data into business-changing insights. Our findings are delivered in repeatable, scalable reports and data products that highlight actionable results.

Data-driven decisions

We create decision aids, recommendation engines, and interactive dashboards to enhance workflows with machine learning. By combining the best of data science with domain expertise in AI & ML, we help our clients automate processes and heighten productivity.

Data-driven solutions

Predictive models deployed to fully automate decisions, actions, and offers create new customer experiences and business capabilities. Our expertise in real-time systems allows us to deliver dependable advanced solutions that are designed to scale.

Case Studies

Logic20/20 has helped businesses in a broad range of industies leverage data science, AI, and machine learning to become more productive, more compliant, and more profitable.

helicopter responding to a forest fire


Operationalizing machine learning intelligence for a major utility

Wunderman Thompson Group Shot by Noah David Smith


Using machine learning to match job candidates

Solutions framework


Elevating customer care with AI and machine learning


Wunderman Thompson Group Shot by Noah David Smith

Drones plus AI: meet the future of utility asset management

The combination of drone technology and AI offers utilities an optimal solution to their asset management challenges.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

3 ways AI is elevating customer service portals

Today’s customers demand quality self-service solutions within customer portals, and AI delivers the capabilities that can help businesses meet the challenge.

power lines in a wooded area

Enterprise AI: how to scale beyond the pilot

To scale AI beyond the pilot phase, organizations must anticipate and overcome the most common roadblocks and incorporate proven best practices.

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