Data Privacy as a Service: Ensuring Compliance and Security

Data privacy as a service: We maintain your data privacy ecosystems, across teams and functionalities


Being prepared—and staying prepared—for current and future data privacy regulations takes a dedicated team focused on data management, risk assessment and prevention, and process optimization.

Data privacy is a complex issue, touching multiple parts of the business and requiring the coordinated efforts of different users who think and communicate differently. Different teams may use a whole different language to talk about their requirements and responsibilities in achieving data privacy readiness.

Data privacy as a service

We manage data privacy as a service and coordinate efforts across your teams, regardless of how much or how little they typically communicate and collaborate. With our unique team of lawyers, data experts, and strategists, our strength lies in our ability to translate between teams as we help bring your organization into alignment and keep you there for the long term.

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We meet you where you are


Every team plays a different role in the data privacy journey and different business or teams are at different stages of maturity. We work with and across teams in your legal, technology, business, and security departments to leverage existing privacy assets into a unified framework. This framework enables us to oversee your data privacy readiness, from intake to deletion and everything in between.

Our goal is to work as a part of team to improve the function of your data privacy ecosystem through support, optimization, and automation.

What is data privacy as a service?

Data Privacy as a Service is a collection of maintenance, readiness, and ongoing process improvement activities. We take the time to understand your current data privacy ecosystem, establish lines of communication, and provide cross-functional training across teams. It runs a bit like a traditional managed service, but with a dedicated team of data privacy professionals that improve your ecosystem and stay on top new regulations and requirements.

Maintenance & governance


Maintain readiness by ensuring core assets are updated with current processes, data sources or data use cases.

Outcomes: Your team maintains a continuous state of “data readiness” and compliance. We leverage privacy materials already built and enable your core teams to focus on core activities.

Risk assessment


Audit to fully understand how teams, partners, and 3rd party vendors are using customer’s data and the associated potential risks.

Outcomes: Reduced risk of data privacy breach through clear understanding of how data is being used and where it goes.



Identify opportunities for automation to scale data privacy processes while maintaining readiness.

Outcomes: Streamlined flows optimize outcomes, increase experience and minimize investments to execute for an improved ROI.



Maintain readiness by ensuring core assets are updated with current processes, data sources or data use cases.

Outcomes: Outcomes: Identified opportunities to automate data privacy operations to ensure continued readiness with minimal dependence on team members.


Data privacy reporting

We believe in a data-driven approach to managing Data Privacy as a Service. Developing detailed reports for both executives and operational users help you stay on top of quality, accuracy, and speed.

Data privacy report

Need help with maintaining Data Privacy compliance? Let’s work together to answer your questions.