Strategic Assessment For I.T.

When your I.T. organization identifies a goal—whether that’s implementing DevOps, incorporating new use cases for AI and machine learning, or moving processes to the cloud—the journey towards that goal starts with determining where things stand today. We call this step the strategic assessment (also called the current state assessment or current state analysis).

Approaching current state assessments from a holistic perspective, evaluating every relevant aspect of your present situation, provides a solid foundation for the strategy that will accelerate your I.T. team towards its goals.


of businesses fail to reach their strategic goals.


of executive leaders say their enterprise accountability and leadership are not aligned on strategy execution.

Our Approach


Gather all relevant information about the I.T. ecosystem and document high-level findings.


Analyze the current state vs. future state and hypothesize how to remediate gaps.


Report findings and hypotheses to stakeholders and finalize operating model for I.T. roadmap planning.


Refine findings, hypotheses, and inputs into detailed recommendations.


Build an I.T. roadmap based on recommendations and define next steps.



Improved Execution


• Accountable, action-focused I.T. leadership that sets clear expectations

• Data-driven decision making focused on efficiency and accuracy

• An efficient operating model with investments in capacity

• A practice of recognizing both the positive and the negative

Organizational Alignment


• A shared agenda across the whole I.T. organization

• A structure that supports ability to deliver the shared agenda

• Investment priorities that contribute to the I.T. strategy

Return on Investment


• Strong I.T. governance and established support for key initiatives

• Long-term focus on strategy, vision, and communication

• Comprehensive, detailed performance measurements

• An emphasis on continuous improvement, efficiency, and experience

IT Current State Analysis Template

Let our PDF checklist guide you through the five steps of a successful strategic assessment.

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