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BI Portals

BI portals allow you to access all the dashboards in your organization, irrespective of technology, location, and department.

What is a business intelligence portal?


A BI portal is a content management environment that allows users to log into a single URL and access and search through all business intelligence and analytics assets from across the organization, irrespective of technology, location, and department. BI portals support organizations on their evolution to become insight-driven in their operations and decision making.


BI portals create a scalable and cohesive user experience for engaging with data across your organization and are an important part of your business intelligence tool kit. Designed with the end user in mind, they make it easy for people to find the right dashboard or data asset with comprehensive, cross platform search, make decisions based on the data, and provide feedback in real time to improve the experience in the future. Machine learning suggests additional assets that might be useful and thoughtfully design UI makes it easy to find training resources and manuals.



What software is required for a business intelligence portal?


BI and analytics portals are technology agnostic, meaning that you can view and search for dashboards built in Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or other applications in a single portal. Hosted in the cloud or on-premises, they allow your teams to share analytics assets – your dashboards won’t be siloed by technology, department, or geography. By moving your analytics to a shared portal, you immediately make your current and future assets discoverable to a broad user base – you see more value from each one of your dashboards.



Implement your BI portal in 6-8 weeks; Logic20/20 works with top technology partners to implement the solution that's right for your team. 


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Key Benefits of a BI Portal


Leverage filters, search, and metadata tags to easily find assets.

Single repository

Store all files, reports, documents, and training material in a single portal.

Technology agnostic

View analytics content from all platforms in a single repository.

Machine learning

Asset recommendations based on previous behavior.

Social Engagement

Feedback and ratings increase awareness and drive future improvement.


Interfaces designed to engage users and increase adoption.

Globally accessible

Access assets across all your geographical locations.


Allow access to the right users without compromising data security.


Each user has a custom experience, based on permissions and use.

BI Portal Implementation Process

BI Portals Implementation Process

BI Portal Webinar

Learn the key features of a successful BI Portal and how to leverage change management and gamification to increase user adoption.

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BI Portal Managed Services Offering

24/7 monitoring of your portal allows you to operate with confidence
  • Proactively communicate known issues
  • Refine monitoring based on experience
  • Resolve issues before end user impact
  • Monthly KPI reviews; trends, targets, opportunities based on defined SLAs
Management of your daily BI portal operations with system expertise
  • End user education of business intelligence tools
  • Incident response (defects)
  • User access requests
  • Infrastructure Performance Modifications (AWS)
  • Kernel patching
  • Monthly release of latest updates with pre-prod environment
Recommendations for key improvements based on adoption and user needs
  • Monthly Operational Reviews
  • Incident Root Cause Analysis and Prevention
  • Known defect trending
  • End user training opportunities
  • Performance Optimization
  • Make adjustments to features, engagement tools, roadmap



BI Portals Insights


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