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The Advanced Analytics team is a multi-disciplinary band of data engineers, data scientists, and visual analytics professionals who work to solve complex business problems with data-driven solutions. Because we’re a consulting shop with a diverse clientele, our team members have the chance to take on new challenges on a regular basis, working on new and exciting projects with different teams and different technology stacks.

As an Architect at Logic20/20, you will…

Provide expertise and leadership in the infrastructure and applications space.

Guide solutions through the full life cycle from launch to market.

Demonstrate thought leadership across multiple channels.

Become a trusted advisor to decision makers.


Provide customer and market feedback to product and engineering teams.

Develop cloud reference architectures for various deployment topologies.

Get to know the Architecture Practice


We sit down with Ilya Tsapin (Director and Practice Area Lead) and Pavel Lyubich (Architect in the Practice) to learn more about the Architecture Practice at Logic20/20.

They discuss why the Architecture Practice was created at our organization, the interesting aspects of working on our current projects, and their favorite reasons for working with the team at Logic20/20.

"As an architect, I enjoy my work at Logic20/20. We design, implement, and oversee programs for proper architecture, and we provide technical leadership and strategy."


Technical Director

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“Logic20/20 takes collaboration to the next level, where individuals are given all the opportunity they want to exercise individual skills and can reach out to a pool of colleagues who are ready, willing, and able to share their own skills."


Senior Technical Director

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Logic20/20 was honored by Consulting Magazine in the “Small Firms” category for their innovative and collaborative company culture.

"What I enjoy most at Logic20/20 is working with a great leadership team and a broad range of clients, and solving a wide variety of leading-edge problems. The work we do gives us a unique perspective on emerging trends, technology, and organizational practices. Our teams work closely together, and our work speaks for itself."


Principal Architect

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