Logic20/20 implements real-time communication tools and services built using Chime SDK that deliver sustainable business value.

By combining Chime SDK with AI technologies, businesses can leverage real-time data analysis to extract valuable insights from video and audio interactions. This integration enables businesses to gain deeper understanding, improve customer experiences, and make data-informed decisions.

Auto Memo


Automatic speech recognition (ASR) models transcribe customer calls in real-time, providing the content for expert assist models and saving 30 seconds of transcription time post call.

Customer Sentiment Analysis


Personalize and improve customer experience and call routing through a deeper understanding of customer sentiment and emotions.

Real-Time Emergency Notification


Real-time transcription creates triggers for emergency operation and decreases response times for PSPS and extreme weather response.

Post Call Analytics


Leverage unstructured data from call transcription and call tagging to drive improvements in customer service

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