Partner Spotlight: Collaborating with Splight


Welcome to the new world of artificial energy


The AI platform Splight creates “artificial energy”—energy that can only be generated, stored, transported, traded, and distributed by applying proprietary AI solutions to existing power infrastructure.

Artificial energy provides an alternative to the large capital expenditures that occur when the infrastructure reaches its (static) limit. By leveraging Splight’s real-time, AI-based solution, Logic20/20 helps you transform a static limit into a dynamic one, allowing more energy to be managed by grid operators.



Splight applies artificial intelligence in addressing the energy industry’s most daunting challenge: integrating renewable energy sources. Use cases for our clients include:

Wind & Line Forecasting

Multivariate forecasting with machine learning, using historical data, weather information, and grid data

Digital Dynamic Ampacity

Compute ampacity for each line segment, display bottleneck nodes and lower line ampacity, and incorporate multiple weather inputs for operation, planification, or evaluation.

BESS Manager

Increase revenue from your battery energy storage system (BESS) using machine learning to forecast the price of energy in the system, available energy, and load of the grid.

Accurate Forecasting Of Grid Variables

All your data and solutions live in a single platform, allowing you to address new issues in:

  • Renewable energy forecasting
  • Load forecasting
  • Price forecasting
  • Transmission line energy

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