Transforming the Utilities Customer Experience

Meeting—and exceeding—escalating customer expectations


In a recent survey, 62 percent of utilities said improving the customer experience is their top priority, and with good reason. In both regulated and unregulated markets, customers are demanding the same caliber of experience they receive from Amazon, Uber, and other industry leaders. The good news is that by offering in-demand capabilities like self-service applications and virtual agents (aka chatbots), utility customer care centers can significantly lower their per-contact costs, free their agents to focus on more challenging tasks, and improve customer satisfaction.

At Logic20/20, our Digital Customer Experience solution brings together the pieces you need to make your customer care vision a reality—from online account management to special portals for builders to FAQ chatbots and beyond.


of consumers say the pandemic elevated their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities.
(Read the 68% stat source)


of consumers say they already use or are interested in using chatbots for simple customer service requests.
(Read the 70% stat source)


of utilities say their top priority is improving the customer experience—more than cited lowering costs and increasing revenues.
(Read the 62% stat source)

Challenges of Utilities Customer Service

Escalating customer expectations

Shortage of customer data

High per-contact cost of phone calls

Budgetary pressures

Legacy systems’ inability to scale

High turnover in contact centers

Power (and empower) your customers and CSR team with AI tools


Utilities can meet—and exceed—the high expectations of today’s digital customers while reducing overall costs and improving the employee experience for contact center agents with a suite of AI tools. Common questions and requests can be delegated to chatbots and self-service tools, while agents can focus on building customer relationships. Specific wins include …

Utility Customer Experience Insights

Engineer working at power plant

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AI call center tools enable customer service organizations to evolve from cost centers to revenue generators.

Growing plants

Customer service transformed: a powerful business growth driver

By leveraging customer service as a business growth driver, organizations uncover opportunities to create competitive advantages.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

How AI lowers customer service costs

AI enables businesses to improve the quality of customer support and lower overall per-contact costs.

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