Vegetation Management Solutions: Enhancing Infrastructure Reliability

Respond efficiently today with the vegetation management solutions of tomorrow

In 2023, more than 55,000 wildfires burned across the United States, consuming over 2.6 million acres.1 As environmental conditions continue to shift, utilities have an increasing responsibility to engage in effective vegetation management solutions.

These solutions extend beyond reducing wildfire risks. Effective utility vegetation management also helps prevent power outages, infrastructure damage, property damage, road accidents, and even health hazards due to the spread of invasive plant species.

Logic20/20’s Utilities Risk Analytics Platform mitigates risk, improves safety, and reduces costs for utilities—all to enable critical wildfire reduction.

Challenges of vegetation management

Public and federal pressure for advanced safety measures

Increased wildfire risk and costs

Limited situational awareness

Incomplete historical and manually collected data

Regulatory requirements for consistent and risk-informed inspection

How we can help with vegetation management

U.S. utilities spend nearly $7 billion every year on the maintenance required to prevent vegetation from disrupting services.

Managing vegetation encroachment is a significant challenge for utility companies, requiring efficient and cost-effective solutions. While vegetation management software can help in this process, implementing and optimizing it can be complex. That’s where Logic20/20 can help.

Logic20/20’s role in vegetation management

Our company provides all the technologies and expertise needed for effective vegetation management. Utilities can leverage CI/CD pipelines, model governance practices, distributed compute workflow, machine learning cloud architecture, and other solutions to streamline processes when managing vegetation.

Core vegetation management solutions

Logic20/20 helps utility companies fulfill the core vegetation management definition: identifying unwanted vegetation to prevent fire hazards from sparks in power lines. Our AI-powered models react as soon as wildfires occur.

Our platform also empowers utility companies to proactively manage vegetation control, staying ahead of innovation, regulatory mandates, and public demand for enhanced safety measures. This approach ensures compliance with legal standards and develops trust within the local community.

Advantages of partnering with Logic20/20

One of the most significant advantages of Logic20/20 is that it gives utility companies greater awareness of the immediate environment. Most companies have limited scope here, making it harder for them to identify potential risks.

We offer AI-powered computer vision, which reduces the need for aerial inspection to provide a better site visual. Greater visibility allows utilities to spot issues early on (like broken transmission lines) before they become bigger risks.

Overcoming data collection challenges

Utilities often face challenges with data collection, which is typically done manually and lacks consistency. These essential insights are necessary for conducting proper risk assessments, allocating resources appropriately, and monitoring vegetation clearance.

Navigating regulatory compliance

Finally, utility companies need to be wary of regulatory audits. Many states have strict wildfire laws, such as California’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP). They require utilities to prove that their vegetation management programs are effective.

Logic20/20’s analytical models offer crucial data, demonstrating the impact of a utility company’s vegetation management solution on the environment and its compliance with regulations. You no longer have to dig through data manually to understand the effectiveness of your vegetation management practices.

Utilities Risk Management Platform

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