June 25: 10am PT/1pm ET

Images from drones, LiDAR, and satellites can equip your team with data to speed up inspections and improve safety.

But with this new, unprecedented ability to monitor assets, how can you ensure these images are working to transform your utility operations?

Enter asset image analytics – a suite of tools that automates analysis of visual data and extract valuable insights to enhance grid reliability, safety, and efficiency. These tools help utilities prevent wildfires, keep field assets in working order, and mobilize disaster response teams, potentially tackling issues before they escalate into significant challenges. 

Join Logic20/20’s leaders in a discussion around the power of asset image analytics to boost utilities’ operational efficiency and advance their customer-satisfaction initiatives.  

Attendees will be able to: 

    • Demonstrate the value of successful image analytics roadmaps and programs: Articulate the value of imagery to automate inspection functions and operations efficiency. Conceptualize available tools and techniques. 
    • Assess your organization’s asset image analytics readiness: Understand the components of a robust image analytics program and evaluate your team’s current processes, applications, and data handling practices for image collection, quality control, and analysis. 
    • Prepare for implementation challenges: Learn the critical questions to ask when evaluating image collection and analytics platforms. 

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