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This may be obvious, but the title above is open to interpretation, vague, and not very explicit into my daily events. I usually translate it to others as a “Client Relationship Manager”, which typically creates a better understanding of my job title and activities.


I want to take you through a Monday in my role, one of my busiest days, which I nerdly enjoy having as the start to my week.



8:00am Get to the office

I usually get to the office Monday mornings around 8am (Well, let’s be honest, probably 8:30). The coffee shop downstairs is the first pit stop before I make it to the office; they have almost everyone’s order memorized – grade A customer service. When I get to my lovely desk, I have e-mails from the weekend to catch up on and try to get my schedule situated for the week ahead.


9:00am Then the party starts

This is actually one of my favorite meetings for the week (don’t tell my Sales Director). The sales and marketing team gather in a room to discuss priorities for the week and are updated on any new events or company updates. Our Sales Director usually enjoys turning on the harsh, bright lights to ensure we are energized for this meeting. It is nice to be informed and hear what other people on my team are working on and how we can better support each other for the week… as well as hear about any eventful weekend stories.


10:00am Microsoft account meeting

Every Monday after our larger team meeting, we do a Microsoft account meeting to discuss what current projects are starting, ending, which ones need extra attention, and other miscellaneous details that need to be talked about. This meeting allows all of us to be updated on current projects across our account and to make sure we are aware of all projects, consultants, and clients that we engage with across Microsoft.


11:00am – 2:00pm Who knows?

Something I love about my schedule is that most days are completely varied and different week by week.


I may have a lot of internal meetings at this time:


• Working on proposals, statements of work (SOWs)


• Meeting with consultants

○ I strive to ensure that every consultant working on one of my projects knows who I am, that they have a support team behind them, and that we’re a collective team at Logic20/20.


• Coffee with coworkers

○ This is something many Logic20/20 employees within our sales team value – fostering those personal relationships. It doesn’t matter what account someone is working on, we are friends in the team. We make a conscious effort to create those relationships to enable feedback, support, and whatever else is needed.



I may have many external meetings during this time:


• I spend about 18% of my time in my car, traveling from the Bellevue to Redmond to Sammamish Microsoft locations. I try to strategically schedule meetings back to back in the same location, but life doesn’t always work out that way.


• My client meetings could include any of the following:

○ Proposals

○ Project start / closes

○ Strategic Business Reviews

○ Introducing candidates for an interview

○ Project demos

○ Touch Bases

○ Brainstorms

○ A coffee, high five, hello, or maybe drop my business card as a “you-haven’t-responded-to-my-emails” walk by



2:00pm – 3:00pm Career manager 1:1

In alignment to Logic20/20’s goal to foster relationships, we also try to support employees with their career growth. I truly appreciate the effort that is made from a top down perspective. I have 5+ people within my leadership team that I know I can turn to if I need advice, feedback, or candy (only 1 person is consistent with that). Having leaders in my circle that I can turn to when I need to discuss my career growth and any problems I am facing has been a real pleasure to have at Logic.


3:00pm – 4:00pm Case study overview

This is another weekly meeting with our sales team, where we discuss previous case studies that our whole team should be aware of. It’s nice to have dedicated tune to dig into details and ask questions as a group, rather than individuals, and learn from each other. (Did you know SNOW means Service Now?? Found that out the other day, makes a lot more sense now).


This meeting really enables our sales team to be knowledgeable across all accounts of relevant case studies, projects, and key terminologies that we should be aware of.


4:00pm – 5:30pm Sales resourcing meeting

Monday is full of all these lovely meetings with my sales team.


This meeting is important as our leadership, sales team, and recruiting all get together to discuss top sales opportunities and resourcing needs. We try to ensure consultants are enjoying their projects, never on the bench (waiting for a project) and are put on projects that strengthen their career growth. Having this meeting allows the sales team to discuss our top sales opportunities and how we can best staff them. Furthermore, we discuss exciting, recently new sales opportunities. This allows us, once again, to have an opportunity to learn what deals are available across all our clients and accounts.


**Note I will be eating three different times between these meetings and carrying around my oversized food container that Logic20/20 so graciously branded for me (because no one wants to meet with me while I’m hangry).


The life of a Customer Success Manager is fast paced, versatile, full of learning opportunities, and focused on customer success – whether that customer is a consultant on your project, a client of yours, or someone within your internal team. Logic20/20 cares about their customers’ success and that allows me to truly enjoy what I do.


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