At a glance

In anticipation of a large data migration, our customer needed a comprehensive change management and training plan. We assessed change readiness, created a strategy, and executed the customer’s “smoothest, most successful” data migration to date.

Customer Challenge

Our customer was using a data platform that was not serving their needs, and they intended to upgrade to a new Teradata server, transferring 400 TB of data. This was a long process, necessitating a full three days of downtime, and they needed help ensuring it was executed smoothly. Their highest priorities during the transfer were that the on-premise data storage solution be proactively positioned with always-on capabilities, and that it have improved capacity, performance, and scalability.

Approach and Solution

We built and managed a change agent network while conducting change readiness assessments to form a deployment plan. We then developed, managed, and executed the relevant business testing strategy and communications plans, including associated collateral. ​To ensure a smooth transition, we developed a knowledge transfer and training plan, preparing the team for the data transfer from every angle.

Value and Benefits – “The Wins”

This data migration was described as our customer’s “smoothest, most successful” to date and was highlighted at their 2018 Manager’s Summit. Our project: 

  • Improved data performance, with users saying that queries were running 2-2.5x faster than pre-migration 
  • Increased capacity and quality, positioning our customer well to accommodate data growth 
  • Fostered trust and partnership between our customer and business stakeholders, paving the way for future transformations

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