Juliana Su, Managing Director of Consulting, was recently feature in Seattle Business Magazine as a “Daring Woman”. Their new Daring Women Q&A series interviews women who are trailblazers in their industry, and has them share their experiences, concerns and insights. Juliana shared her wisdom with the magazine to inform and inspire women across Seattle. 


Here is an excerpt from the article – Find a link to the full article on Seattle Business Magazine at the bottom of this page.


What are the most important characteristics of a good leader and what leadership traits are overrated?


In my experience, one of the most important leadership characteristics is to be humble and check your ego. It’s important to understand when something (people, process, tools) is not working well and be able to quickly re-plan and re-position. You should be receptive, inclusive and always listening.


Another important characteristic is courage. Collaborate, but have the bravery to be decisive and lead the charge. Communicate with confidence and build trust. Encourage diversity, innovation and positive disruption to continue evolving an organization and its people.


I believe the most overrated qualities of a leader are needing to be the “smartest” person in the room and being a subject-matter expert on everything. As leaders, we still have the opportunity to be a mentee. There is always someone you can learn from and something new to learn.


As a woman, what is the most significant barrier to becoming a leader?


Staying informed of new opportunities in order to advance in your career, both inside and outside of your company. Also having a mentor to provide guidance throughout that journey.


How can women achieve more prominent roles in their organizations?


It’s important to socialize your desire to take on more challenges with your direct manager.


In addition, identify a career coach and mentor (may not be the same person). Develop a career-progression plan with both your manager and mentor, and take ownership of following the plan. Have frequent check-ins for feedback on your progress and ways you can continue to improve. Remember to be flexible as things change along the way, but it may be for the best.


What key lessons did you learn from a woman who has inspired, mentored or sponsored you?


There are four key lessons I have learned from my mentors that stand out to me.

1. I’ve learned to be fully present, speak up and have a voice. This means leading without having to be “one of the guys”.

2. Find stretch opportunities that challenge you and advance your career, both upwards and horizontally.

3. Don’t be overly self-critical; we all have missteps. Learn and move on.

4. Take what you’ve learned and pass it on; support, coach and mentor other women.


Read the full article here on Seattle Business Magazine: https://www.seattlebusinessmag.com/daring-women-profilesdaring-women-logic2020-executive-juliana-su-values-courage-leadership


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