Laptop Donation – Our Commitment to Sustainability & The Community


Everyone has been affected by the global spread of COVID-19. Businesses have closed their doors and employees work remotely when they can, which has had a widespread impact on countless individuals and our community.


For some organizations, closing their doors would force local children to go without items essential to leading happy and healthy lives. Westside Baby, a business in my community, is one of those organizations. By collecting and distributing diapers, clothing, and equipment throughout western King County, Westside Baby provides children with essentials to stay safe and secure. Due to COVID-19, the organization has had to suspend normal operations, including hosting volunteers, and are now working to distribute most needed items to families through their social service agency partners and emergency distribution efforts.


Recently, one of their largest fundraising events had to pivot to completely virtual. Employees had 2 weeks left to transition and plan for the event, but only a few laptops available for remote working. Their administrative employees needed computers fast, and their distribution employees needed space to practice safe social distancing.


Our Solution


When Logic20/20 learned Westside Baby was in need, our teams jumped in to help where we could. Our Director of IT Nick Callahan was able to pull together 15 laptops with integrated audio and video, along with half a dozen docking stations for their employees. All donated materials were thoroughly sanitized before distribution.


Nick also spent time with Westside Baby’s IT & Business Systems Manager running through some configuration best practices for Microsoft Teams, helping the team to maintain a collaborative environment. Now that their administrative employees can work from home, those working in the distribution center are able to come in to accept and distribute items, while still practicing safe social distancing.


How Else to Help


The current outbreak of COVID-19 will have an especially detrimental effect on the health of families within our community that are already struggling to make ends meet. According to Westside Baby, 23% of families with young children across King County cannot afford enough diapers to keep their child healthy even without facing a crisis. Now, there is an unprecedented demand for diapers and formula, which were the first items to fly off the shelves from people stock piling goods.


Right now, financial giving is the main way to support organizations like Westside Baby. In the coming months, they will need used and new items, such as diapers and formula. Donations will allow Westside Baby to continue distributing items throughout the crisis, and through the rest of the year.


Now is also the time to come together as a community and help each other where we can. For us at Logic20/20, this meant providing technology and knowledge sharing to an organization in need. Helping our community can also involve providing emotional support or simply just staying home and preventing the further spread of COVID-19. We are all in this together.


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