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Seattle, WA – October, 2019 – Logic20/20 is humbled to announce that they have been selected to receive the 2019 Sig Kohl award. Annually, this award is given to individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond to advance the work of Northwest Sarcoma Foundation (NWSF) and make an enduring difference in the fight against Sarcoma. The award recipients are chosen because of their efforts and dedication to the sarcoma community, but above all, they are chosen because they are carrying on the legacy of Sig Kohl and are making a true difference in the lives of people battling sarcoma.


Sig Kohl was an enduring supporter of the NWSF who lost his battle with sarcoma in 2016. He was extremely passionate about helping others, especially when it came to finding a cure for sarcoma cancers. Sig was a great advocate for the foundation, earnestly working to raise awareness and funds. He was also generous beyond measure, leaving the NWSF a gift of $30,000 for their continued work to fight cancer.


Logic20/20 is receiving this award because of their work to set up the foundation’s SharePoint in a fashion that enables their team to operate more efficiently and effectively. Their team performed a migration to Office 365 to give NWSF more enterprise control. The new system will allow NWSF to centrally manage all content with an improved collaboration stack to scale their business. Increased operational efficiency in the long-term enables NWSF to fulfill their greater goals of supporting patients and families affected by sarcoma cancers and progressing research.


Sig Kohl and the NWSF are extremely meaningful to Logic20/20. Sig was an important member of the rugby community, and still is in his absence. He was an advocate for the sport, who dreamed of seeing rugby grow in popularity across the United States. As a sport, rugby is inclusive. Sig was the epitome of that inclusivity, welcoming everyone into the community he loved. Logic20/20 takes pride in being a part of the rugby community and continuing to advocate for the sport as Sig did. With numerous players, coaches, and supporters across the organization, rugby is ingrained in the culture of Logic20/20, and Sig is greatly missed personally by many of their employees.


“Sig Kohl’s passion for helping others is something that we are proud to continue in his absence,” says Logic20/20 CEO Christian O’Meara. “I am privileged to have known him and call him a friend. We are humbled to be honored in the name of Sig and will continue to do everything we can to support the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation and the fight against sarcoma.”


This award will be presented at the 2019 Knight Life Gala that will be held at the Seattle Renaissance Hotel on October 19th from 610 pm. There are many ways you can contribute to the NWSF, and every little bit helps to fulfill their mission. You can learn more about the award at https://www.nwSarcoma.org/sig-kohl-legacy-award and learn more about the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation at https://www.nwSarcoma.org/.


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