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Quick summary: How Logic20/20’s Connected Teams enabled me to work remotely from Hawaii while spending quality time with my dad

One of the things I most appreciate about working at Logic20/20 is the flexibility to work in different locations. Through Connected Teams, we can contribute to any project for any client, no matter where we call home (with the client’s consent, of course). When I had the opportunity to spend time with my dad in Hawaii, our supportive culture enabled me to return to my birthplace, strengthen a family bond, and enjoy a beautiful change of scenery—all without missing a beat on my project work.

Planning the journey

I was born in Hawaii—in Wailuku, Maui—where I lived until age 3, and my dad still lives there today. When the two of us connected by phone in early 2021, he invited me to fly over for a visit. I had just returned from a vacation and didn’t want to do a short trip, so I asked my Logic20/20 manager about temporarily relocating. He agreed and together we approached the client with a plan for me to work remotely from Hawaii while remaining on Pacific Time. Before I knew it, I’d packed my bags and was boarding a flight from Seattle to Kahului, Maui.

Working in paradise

After I landed in Hawaii, I found a great place to stay and “set up shop” to begin my remote work. I continued to work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time (6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hawaii Time), so I was able to attend online meetings, chat with my coworkers via Teams, and meet my deadlines, just like I did in Seattle. If a meeting took place outside normal working hours (as sometimes happens when connecting with offshore teams), I just worked it into my schedule.

The best part of my work schedule was that I had plenty of free time in the afternoon. I went surfing almost every day, took long hikes, enjoyed the local culture, met wonderful people, and of course, spent lots of quality time with my dad.

I was able to spend nine months in Hawaii and treasure the memories of an unforgettable experience—thanks to Logic20/20’s accommodating culture and the support of my team.

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Pierre-Mike Le Meliner Wood is a developer on the Logic20/20 Digital Transformation team.