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We are excited to announce that Anna Emmett and Logic20/20 were named 2024 Leaders in Technology by Consulting Magazine.

Consulting Magazine awards individuals and firms with demonstrated commitments to driving client success and organizational growth, and we were recognized in the following categories:

Women Leaders in Technology Consulting: Anna Emmett

Excellence in AI Application: Logic20/20’s Wildfire Ignition Next Generation System (WiNGS) Project

What makes Anna Emmett a technology leader

Anna is both a trusted partner to our clients and leader and mentor to her Logic20/20 colleagues. She is passionate about developing professional and consulting skillsets and has initiated several impactful initiatives, including:

Consulting 101: Anna proposed and launched an internal training program to expand consultants’ skillsets.

Lunch and Learn: She facilitates Lunch and Learn sessions where she shares best practices on project delivery and creating professional artifacts.

Formal mentorship: Anna also serves as a career mentor for several consultants and helps them craft their professional goals in addition to strengthening relationships across the organization.

Logic Values Award winner: Our executive leadership team chose Anna to receive the Logic Values Award for exemplifying Logic20/20’s values: Culture of We, Drive Towards Excellence, and Act with Integrity.

How Logic20/20 demonstrates excellence in AI application

Consulting Magazine also recognizes Logic20/20 for our work on the AI-supported WiNGS (Wildfire Ignition Next Generation System) project for a major California utility.

This project stemmed from the utility’s need to enhance wildfire analytics for real-time risk management and prioritized mitigation efforts. The WiNGS-Ops model leverages machine learning to produce insights into how and where the utility should de-energize areas of the grid in response to extreme weather events.

Results of the project include:

Cost savings: Reduced AWS spend correlated directly with architectural improvements, demonstrating a significant impact on operational costs.

Wildfire Mitigation Program maturity: The ability to support more complex models, such as managed deep learning containers processing millions of images, showcased an advancement in program maturity aligned with regulatory guidelines.

Enhanced maintenance efficiency: A streamlined maintenance process, reduced debugging time, and improved service reliability substantiated the success of the program.

This award acknowledges our team’s influence on the industry and continued dedication to advancing technological solutions with real-world impact.

Want to learn more about our award-winning work?

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Mike Cohen is the Senior PR & Marketing Specialist at Logic20/20 and media contact.


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    Mike Cohen is the Senior PR & Marketing Specialist at Logic20/20 and media contact.

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