Cloud Computing

Tap into the full value of the cloud


Cloud, multicloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructures offer tremendous potential benefits to forward-thinking businesses … if they’re designed and executed strategically.

Before names like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud even enter the picture, it’s essential to understand where your organization is today—and where you want your cloud strategy to take you.

Logic20/20 helps you assess your current infrastructure, solidify your business goals, and build a cloud strategy that’s laser-focused on your needs and objectives. Then we roll up our sleeves and build your solution in a way that maximizes ROI on your cloud investment.


of the world’s corporate data is stored in the cloud.


of organizations worldwide use a multi-cloud operating model.(source)


Overall cost savings

Pay for the cloud resources you need, when you need them.

Improved scalability

Manage cloud resources dynamically according to your changing needs.

High availability

Built-in failover in the cloud enables maximum uptime.

Enhanced continuity

Make sure your systems keep running in case of unforeseen disruptions.

Reduced time to market

Accelerate launches of new products and services

Case Studies

Logic20/20’s cloud architecture experts help clients leverage cloud computing to optimize costs, improve scalability, and enhance reliability.

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Scaling the digital customer experience

Person reading papers in front of laptop screen


Automating new-hire paperwork in the cloud

Solutions framework


Preventing wildfires and protecting public safety with cloud-based machine learning

Cloud Computing Insights

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Top 3 ways a multicloud strategy can help your business

By implementing a definitive multicloud strategy, businesses can maximize the value of their cloud investments while keeping costs under control.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

Why—and how—utilities are turning to multicloud architectures

Key areas where utilities are shifting to multicloud configurations—and the approaches that are helping them make the leap

SharePoint training and managed services

How iPaaS simplifies data integration

Integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) enable development and management of data integration, connecting any combination of on-premise and cloud-based applications.

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