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Quick summary: By building and implementing a definitive multicloud strategy, businesses can maximize the value of their cloud investments while keeping costs under control. Find out how from Travis Jones, whose insights were recently featured in Fast Company.


If your business relies on more than one cloud services provider, you’re in good company: According to a recent survey by Gartner, 81 percent of public cloud users are working with two or more providers.


In preparing to write this article, I found it interesting how many sources equate using multiple cloud providers with having a multicloud strategy. In my experience, the former does not guarantee the latter. It’s quite common for organizations to find themselves with “accidentally multicloud” architectures. In mergers and acquisitions, for example, legacy cloud resources are often inherited and integrated on the fly, and of course there’s the possibility of individual teams or departments spinning up their own cloud setups without involving (or consulting) IT. Multicloud? Yes. Strategic? No.


The risks of multicloud without strategy

Multicloud architectures can help organizations better manage operational risks—if they’re designed, monitored, and governed strategically. Conversely, a haphazard approach can cause major headaches both for IT and the business as a whole, such as cost overruns, unchecked security vulnerabilities, and compliance risks.


You can read the rest of the article, which includes the top three benefits of having a multicloud strategy and tips on how to get started, over on the Fast Company website.  


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Travis Jones is the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations & Administration at Logic20/20.