Digital Transformation: Customer Service

Intelligent, AI-powered customer service


Rapidly evolving customer expectations and increasing competition have raised the bar for customer service, requiring organizations to rethink their approach and seek out creative solutions. The goals are clear: a seamless customer service environment where customers receive prompt resolution to their issues, agents with access to tools that build efficiency, and a business that’s flipped service from a cost center to a revenue generator.

Artificial intelligence powers tools for every step of your customer’s journey, from automated assistants that answer common questions to agent-facing tools that speed up every interaction and uncover cross-sells and upsells. We customize and implement a suite of tools that aligns with your overall business goals and help you achieve your vision of what customer care should be.

✓ Offer customers an outstanding service experience.

✓ Give your best customer service agents a reason to stay.

✓ Optimize the customer-to-agent phone experience.

✓ Empower customers to solve problems through self-service.

✓ Meet customer expectations for an omnichannel experience.

✓ Provide your business with a sustainable, low-code solution.


of consumers will buy more from companies that deliver an exceptional customer experience.


of consumers expect online self-service options.


of contact centers are continuing to invest or increasing investments in multiple channels.

Power (and empower) your CSR team with AI tools


We assess the complex factors that influence the success of your customer care program: people, processes, and technologies. By focusing on the core principles of good service, we shape solutions that are aligned with your business goals and in step with your strategic transformation.

With people at the core of our strategy, we leverage AI technology to build scalable tools that increase efficiency and drive revenue.

Transcription plus AI

Real-time phone call transcription with AI-enabled solution recommendations

Conversational AI

24/7 responsive messaging for customers needing service anytime, anywhere

Smart customer insights

Real-time customer data enable cross-sell and up-sell

Case Studies

Logic20/20 helps our partners tap in to the power of AI and machine learning to drive new, elevated experiences that keep customers coming back.

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Scaling digital customer experiences

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Gaining control over enterprise customer data

Solutions framework


Elevating customer care with AI and machine learning

“We measure customer satisfaction on every channel and the messaging scores are very close to the assisted scores, which are damned near perfect—something a traditional chatbot could never achieve.”


A win for your customers, your agents, and your business

Your customers win

24/7 availability
Premium customer service is available all day, every day, from any device.

Faster problem resolution
Conversational AI bots and agents have the information they need to solve customers’ problems faster.

Call deflection
Scale your customer service team while reducing the overall cost of care.

Your agents win

All-in-one dashboard
Agents can track all open cases and customer information in one spot, with AI-powered knowledge management built right in.

AI-powered tools
Empower your CSR team with an array of AI-powered tools that create efficiency and uncover revenue.

Real-time voice transcription
No more typing notes and trying to answer questions at the same time

Your business win

Reduced customer churn
Increase customer acquisition and retention with behavior mirrored in increased CSAT and tNPS.

Scalable automation
Accommodate surges in demand without skipping a beat.

Decrease operational costs
AI tools reduce time resolution and increase call deflection.

Customer Service Insights

Engineer working at power plant

3 ways AI is elevating customer service portals

Today’s customers demand quality self-service portals, and AI delivers the capabilities that help businesses rise to the challenge.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

Customer service transformed: a powerful business growth driver

By leveraging customer service as a business growth driver, organizations uncover opportunities to increase revenues, improve customer loyalty, and create competitive advantages.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

The AI call center: How artificial intelligence empowers customer service reps to generate revenue

AI call center tools enable customer service organizations to empower their reps and evolve from cost centers to revenue generators.

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