Managed Services: Streamlining Digital Transformation


Protect your return on investment


Once we’ve built and delivered a new solution, our clients sometimes ask, “How can we make sure the ROI keeps coming?” We can help with that, too.

Let Logic20/20 manage the ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your new solution or tech stack. You’ll ensure that your investment continues to deliver optimal performance without adding to your team’s workload.

What we do

Whether we helped you build a cloud architecture, innovate a custom application, or implement a DevOps practice, the continued health of your solution is in good hands.

Custom App Support

No matter the requirements, we handle the full lifecycle management of custom applications, including architectural assessments, security reviews, maintenance, and more.

DevOps Managed Service

Go beyond the CI/CD pipeline. We use advanced telemetry, self-healing services, and shared ownership to keep projects moving in the right direction.

Cloud Lifecycle Management

We manage the entire lifecycle of cloud resources, from request through provisioning through decommissioning, in accordance with your organization’s cloud strategy.

Case studies

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Optimizing deal-based compensation for a global sales force

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Setting the stage for an optimal user experience

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Gaining Control of Enterprise Customer Data


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