Product Management Services: Driving Digital Innovation

AI product innovation

Digital products are a key component of innovative organizations, delivering compelling customer experiences and creating tangible business improvements.

Today’s businesses need a leaner, more flexible approach to product management, with customer experience playing an integral part of the product’s value proposition at every phase.

At Logic20/20, we take the time to understand your business goals and incorporate leading edge technology, like AI and machine learning, into your products.

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AI Products

How (and why) to uplevel products with AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help businesses enhance products and optimize processes without driving up operational costs.

Our Product Management Process


We start with a detailed roadmap of your product’s customer experience and its evolution to ensure adaptable architecture from the ground up.


We design digital products that focus on the services that customers really want, using quick discovery, ideation, and prototyping phases.


We utilize agile framework to improve the product iteratively over time, elevating customer experience and business value.


Smart connected products allow organizations to continuously monitor product information and adjust functionality at any phase of the development lifecycle.

Case Studies

Logic20/20 helps partners across industries discoveer the benefits of product management methodologies, including more agile operations and improved customer satisfaction.

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Enhancing partner experiences with standardized APIs

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Scaling digital customer experiences

Solutions framework


Mitigating wildfire risk with computer vision and machine learning

Getting started with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Our SAFe experts share practical tips for Agile organizations making the leap to a Scaled Agile Framework.

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Product Management Insights

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