Business Process Outsourcing Strategy & Operations

Lower costs while improving productivity


With business process outsourcing (BPO), you can engage a trusted partner to execute non-core business functions while you focus on your key success drivers. Employees benefit from a reduction in repetitive work and more opportunities to add value. And because the you have more time and resources for creating personalized, engaging experiences at scale, customers benefit as well.


  • Organizations have leveraged BPO to realize an array of advantages, including
  • Greater operational flexibility, allowing resources to shift from supplementary to core competencies
  • Access to specialized expertise and innovative technologies that may not be available in-house
  • Lower staffing, training, and infrastructure costs
  • Ability to focus on improving main offerings and innovating new products and services

How we can help

For more than 35 years, businesses have relied on Logic20/20 to devote our expertise, technical skills, and proven effective practices to execute their business processes reliably and cost-effectively. Our teams are equipped not only with proven subject matter expertise, but also with knowledge of best practices in process improvement, ensuring that your processes use time and resources as efficiently as possible.

And if you need help with a process that’s not exactly turnkey—one that’s either relatively new or facing a massive scale-up—we can help you there, too. Our consultants will apply their expertise in process optimization to develop a streamlined, cost-effective process that makes the most of your time and resources and is fully scalable.

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A taste of what we do


Here are just a few examples of areas where we’ve helped clients reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve their bottom lines.

Data Privacy as a Service

Operations Desk as a Service

Digital Marketing as a Service

Product Management as a Service

Proven Results

Logic20/20 is a proven BPO provider with extensive experience in driving bottom-line results for our clients. To cite just a few examples, …

Shortened time-to-market for new offerings

Managed and governed the release process for our client’s latest offers, shortening the readiness cycle by 30 percent and enabling data-driven decision making through data analysis and visualization.

Delivered optimized customer experience

Created a new process for managing marketing content from multiple business areas, at huge scale and on a new platform, elevating marketing capabilities with content targeted to specific locales and personas.

Provided rapid analysis on enterprise deals

Developed and managed process to deliver analysis and guidance within 24 hours of enterprise deal escalations for our client’s cloud services product, including implementation of reporting tools measuring price pressure, overall concession and deal close rate.

Enhanced sales processes and quota automation

Managed our client’s deal-based compensation program, optimizing for seller experience, including revenue validation and reporting quality assurance.

Ready to start reducing costs and improving productivity with BPO? Let’s talk.