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Logic20/20 helps businesses of all sizes tap into the power of Salesforce to grow revenues, increase productivity, and delight customers.

We focus on your specific business goals and develop a strategy for leveraging Salesforce capabilities—whether we’re implementing from scratch or optimizing existing architecture—to take you where you want to go.

Real results

Migrated 14 countries with siloed business models onto a single Salesforce instance.

Built a compliant, responsive first-responder portal on the Salesforce platform.

Reduced one client’s CRM maintenance costs by 50%.

Salesforce Solutions

Partner with Logic20/20

Enhanced experiences improve retention | Accurate and timely insights drive revenue | Optimization reduces maintenance costs | Automation increases productivity

Deep Salesforce Experience

With 20+ years of Salesforce experience, we help organizations leverage the platform to create exceptional digital experiences.

Strategic Service Management

We design and implement strategies that work for all parties involved: customers, customer service teams, and business operations.

Omnichannel Capabilities

We elevate customer experience and improve retention through messaging, virtual agents, social media, and traditional channels.

Digital Transformation Expertise

Our teams are driven by deep expertise in DevOps, systems integration, and data migration.

Advanced Analytics Expertise

Through our partnership with Tableau, we help businesses deliver real-time insights to the right people at the right time.

Cross-Functional Teams

Continuous collaboration between teams across domains provides a fresh perspective on challenges.

Case Studies & Use Cases

Improving customer onboarding by integrating DocuSign with Salesforce

Customer journey management with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A quick and simple Salesforce webhook listener

Salesforce News & Insights

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Our Salesforce Leaders

Lionel Bodin

Lionel Bodin

Sr. Director, Digital Transformation

Alexis Greenwood

Senior Manager, Digital Transformation

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