Cost Optimization for cloud

Utilizes data to drive workload and spend efficiencies

Strategic cost management takes many forms, including updates to technology and infrastructure spends. Organizations can take a proactive approach to reducing spend for cloud by implementing a development framework to optimize cloud architecture design and maximize efficiencies across its multi-cloud environments. This approach helps organizations:


• develop a cost-optimal and scalable cloud strategy,

• establish and monitor KPIs across multiple cloud infrastructures to increase visibility and encourage continuous improvement across product groups, and

• drive long-term cost savings and new efficiencies to make their business more competitive.



Your cloud environment might be costing more than it should

Prioritized for speed

Environments are set up for fast go-to market; there’s been no investment on cost optimization


Quick design decisions

Architecture guided by haste, not empirical data



“Just in case” consumption model

Solutions designed for high consumption without benchmarking for cost-optimal solutions



Old designs

Historical decisions are not updated based on new cost-saving SaaS or cloud offerings


Cost optimization – take action to start a cost reduction program


Adopt a consumption model

Scale & adjust computing resources that you require on-demand

Increase or decrease usage depending on current utilization & requirements



Measure overall efficiency

Create benchmarks & compare against historical + current outputs

Measure increasing output & reducing costs


Analyze & attribute expenditure

Ensure costs are tagged and allocated to projects & products



Utilize managed & application level services

Remove operational burden of maintaining servers




Improve prioritization helps you save more money.

1. Business area specific workloads can be run in different cloud environments
2. Each cloud environment is assessed to determine inefficient configurations
3. Consolidating each cloud assessment enables visibility of the least efficient & most expensive components

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