A financial services client aligns CRM systems across multiple lines of business

At a glance

When a global financial services organization experienced disruptions in sales and support arising from siloed CRM platforms across multiple business lines, they turned to us for help.


Customer challenge

This financial services organization encompassed more than 30 lines of business, each of which had developed its own CRM solutions and processes, and they also did not share any data across lines of business. As a result, it was not unusual for sales reps from two different business lines to visit the same client on the same day, without being aware that the other was there.

As we began working with the client, we realized that their assortment of disparate CRM systems was not the only issue, but rather a symptom of a larger problem. The real issue was that each line of business was operating as an independent organization. No information was being shared, and there were no processes or incentives for working together in day-to-day business practices.


Why they chose us

We had completed more than 60 successful projects for this client, including a recent initiative to create a single definition of the customer. Aligning CRMs was their next step in truly understanding and focusing on the needs of their customers, and they turned to us as their trusted advisor. They knew that we were easy to work with, and we knew their systems, their culture, and their way of working.


Value and benefits – “The Wins”

We led a strategic effort with the heads of all lines of business to develop simple, integrated processes for selling to and servicing every client, from initial contact to onboarding to ongoing support.

We then helped our client to maximize their existing investment in the CRM platforms they had in place. Once we had optimized their processes, we were able to integrate data across systems and leverage existing systems by adding new lines of business to them, allowing users to get what they need without requiring a huge investment.

As a result of working with us, this client is now able to streamline their sales funnel, service customers better, and realize the cost savings that come from eliminating duplicated efforts across business lines.


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