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Quick summary: Recognized for their company culture, the firm will continue providing exceptional employee experience across the United States.

We’re pleased to announce we are expanding our business by opening “Connected Hub” locations across the United States.

Logic20/20 brings their reputation as one of the “Best Companies to Work For” to each of their new hub locations. These hubs will provide a balanced experience of virtual and face-to-face connections, mixing digital collaboration with in-person meetups.

“When we began our expansion outside of our Seattle headquarters, we started using the phrase ‘One Team’,” says CEO Christian O’Meara. “We try to live this phrase every day and provide the same experience for all our employees, no matter where they’re located. We’re transforming the way our teams work, without sacrificing connection.”

In addition to company culture, Logic20/20 will focus on maintaining their high level of client service. Their experience across technology, utilities, telecommunications, and healthcare makes the firm a remarkable partner, helping clients achieve their most ambitious goals.

“We build teams with top consultants from Connected Hubs in multiple geographic markets to deliver exceptional results and solutions to our clients,” says Will Schmidt, General Manager of Consulting. “While our delivery teams are built from multiple hubs, we also build a strong culture of collaboration and learning in each geography so our consultants can accelerate their careers by sharing project experiences and best practices.”

With this expansion, Logic20/20 will add locations in Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Huntsville, AL; and Washington, DC. Their two physical offices in Seattle and San Francisco will continue to support employees who prefer working in a hybrid or in-person environment.

Learn more about Logic20/20’s connected hubs and view open roles: logic2020.com/global-delivery-connected-teams.

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Courtney Lynch is the Senior PR & Marketing Specialist at Logic20/20 and media contact.