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Quick summary: Businesses are using image-based applications to address a range of challenges and they’re just getting started. Learn more from Travis Jones who was recently featured by Fast Company.

Computer vision is nothing new, with the earliest algorithms going back to the 1970s. Initial applications were limited to so-called “dumb data”—visual information with no intelligence applied to it.

For example, retail stores once used heat maps to evaluate patterns in their foot traffic. The data got delivered, but it was up to humans to make sense of it. With the latest advances in AI and machine learning, algorithms can now combine visual data with additional sources to yield intelligent, actionable insights—and continue to learn from outcomes as time goes on.

In a recent article from Fast Company, Logic20/20’s Senior Vice President, Travis Jones, shares how businesses are using image-based applications to address a broad range of challenges, from managing inventory to detecting manufacturing flaws to controlling agricultural pests—and they’re just getting started.

For the full article, visit fastcompany.com/exploring-the-human-side-of-computer-vision.

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Paul Lee

Travis Jones is the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations & Administration at Logic20/20.