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This webinar was originally presented at the 2022 ADCG Data and Cyber Governance Conference.


Who can name all of the Data Privacy Regulations active today and in the legislative process? We’re guessing that list is pretty short. What we need to focus on is what all of these regulations have in common: Data and a focus on customers’ trust.


In this webinar, Evan Alkhas demonstrates how you can establish a data privacy program that focuses on staying compliant long term, rather than trying to keep up with the latest regulations. He’ll share a customer journey example, levels of maturity for data privacy, and relevant trends to build customer trust. With 75% of consumers saying they would not buy a product – no matter how great the product is – from a company they don’t trust to protect their data, this webinar is a must-see.

Evan is an experienced Sr. Manager, and the Data Privacy Lead at Logic20/20. He is focused on operationalizing Data Privacy into the people, process, and technology of organizations ranging from Fortune 100 through startups. He helps our clients on their most important data initiatives, including data privacy, data architecture, governance, Master Data Management, and systems integration.

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