Agile Transformation

Survival in today’s business landscape hinges on the ability to adapt quickly and strategically. Heightened competition, escalating customer expectations, and the dizzying pace of technological change are prompting organizations to redefine “business as usual.” Agile transformation offers a proven solution, enabling businesses to increase value for their customers, capitalize on market opportunities, and achieve a competitive edge.

Logic20/20 meets businesses where they are today in their Agile transformation journeys and works with them to build and implement a roadmap to where they want to go. Our seasoned Agile experts and coaches work side-by-side with your teams to break down silos, foster continuous learning, and introduce a supportive, unified Agile framework for achieving strategic objectives.

Our Approach

Logic20/20’s four-phase approach ensures a comprehensive, systematic, and adaptive path to Agile transformation, tailored to each organization’s unique context and business objectives.

1. Align

  • Initial assessment
  • Transformation vision & objectives
  • Initial transformation roadmap

2. Pilot

  • Executive & pilot team training
  • Initial tech assessment
  • Transformation roadmap update

3. Scale

  • Leadership buy-in
  • Team design & stand-up
  • Rollout training, mentoring & coaching across teams

4. Sustain

  • Uplift of capabilities across business
  • Continuous technical support
  • Ongoing communication plan


Enhanced team collaboration

Foster a collaborative environment to enable more efficient project and product management and streamlined communication among team members.

Increased customer satisfaction

Ensure products and services are more closely aligned with customer needs and expectations.

Improved product quality

Elevate product quality through iterative development and encourage innovative solutions as teams adapt swiftly to changing market needs.

Greater flexibility

Build the flexibility to adapt to changes, pivot strategies quickly, and stay competitive in dynamic business landscapes.

Faster time to market

Accelerate product delivery by breaking down complex projects into manageable increments, ensuring quicker and more frequent releases to market.

Enhanced risk management

Improve risk management through early identification of potential issues, allowing for timely mitigation and reducing the impact on project outcomes.


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