Change Management and IT Adoption: Organizational Change

It’s not just about implementation. It’s about impact.


We’ve all been there: you spend months searching for the perfect technology solution for your organization, purchase it, implement it, and then … nothing.

Even the most advanced digital solutions can’t make an impact on business results if they go unused or under-utilized. Organizations that have mastered I.T. adoption know what it takes to bridge the gap: a laser-focused change management strategy that gives people a stake in the solution and gets them excited about using it.

In addition to technical expertise and strategic know-how, Logic20/20 delivers the empathetic competency needed to drive the human side of I.T. adoption, ensuring a successful digital change that sticks over the long term.


of enterprise leaders say the pandemic sped up digital transformation in their organizations.


of companies with excellent change management strategies meet or exceed their objectives.

I.T. Adoption: Enabling successful implementation of I.T. investments through structured user adoption frameworks

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Why I.T. Adoption Matters

As soon as you implement an I.T. solution, the clock starts ticking. The sooner you can integrate stakeholders into the solution design process, the greater the solution’s chances of success.

Integrating new technology from beginning to end in a silo and then “throwing over the fence” to users can be a recipe for failure. Stakeholders often balk at having had no say in the matter, and if the solution doesn’t meet their needs (or training and communications have fallen short), some will simply stick with the old way of doing things. The result: a very expensive digital asset that sits on your servers gathering dust.

On the other hand, involving stakeholders early in the process gives them the chance to offer input on how the solution will impact their day-to-day work and uncover shortcomings at a time when the I.T. team can still resolve them.

How We Can Help

Logic20/20 has developed a proprietary four-phased approach to helping clients ensure their technology investments have lasting impact:

Strategic alignment

We partner with stakeholders and user teams to gain alignment on organizational goals and to accelerate them through targeted adoption programs.


We create solutions hand-in-hand with stakeholders and user teams, allowing for “built-in buy-in” as individuals co-create the new ways of working.


We integrate changes into the organization, going beyond a simple deployment, and create an enabling environment where changes can flourish.

I.T. adoption

We achieve the desired results of your organization’s technology investment through sustained adoption of the new ways of working.

Our Work

Logic20/20 is a proven change management partner with extensive experience in providing I.T. adoption support to our clients. To cite just a few examples …

Rapid IT Migration & Adoption

Migrated a global retail company’s marketing assets to a new platform within a limited timeframe. Leveraged beneficial features of new technology to elevate original content, and developed customized, in-depth training for multiple tiers of direct users and company stakeholders to encourage sustainable adoption.

Global digital cloud transformation

Utilized change management to support enterprise-wide adoption of cloud transformation at major biotech company. Engaged stakeholders to identify impacts and create a road map to adoption. Designed communications to provide key information needed at every level of change from leadership to end users.

Agile change governance & landing

Supporting global technology sales organization in delivering business outcomes with speed, clarity, and agility through (1) integrated change planning and landing processes that accelerate time to productivity, (2) change management leadership that enables new ways of working across leaders, managers, and sellers, and (3) “always-on” feedback loops and structured listening that drive innovation and continuous improvement.

Global marketing service adoption

Supported Global Change Lead to land communications and change information across leadership in all areas. Assembled reason for change, what was changing, what the new state would look like, and a calendar of all change landings. Connected with stakeholders to help increase awareness, knowledge, and desire. After deploying adoption metrics, getting stakeholder alignment, and elevating awareness and readiness, adoption increased from 30% to 70%.

Ready to get started on the path to I.T. adoption and managing change that sticks? Let’s talk.