Marketing Operations Strategies: Maximizing Impact

Personalized, technology-driven strategies for outperforming your competition


Crafting a successful marketing strategy entails reaching the right customer, at the opportune moment, through their preferred channel. It is (by necessity) part art and part data and technology. Our modern and measurable marketing solutions make it easy for you to understand who your customers are, what they are looking for, and how to manage engagements efficiently.

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Agile marketing transformation

Technology assessment & implementation

Asset management

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Market sizing

Data foundations

Project management

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Logic20/20 delivers the strategies, technology, and processes marketing organizations need to meet the escalating demands of today’s digital consumers.

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Setting the stage for an optimal user experience

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Social media consolidation

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Reinventing the online customer experience

“We love working with Logic20/20. No matter the type of product or business objectives, they partner with us to create the best possible outcomes. We tackle projects as a focused, unified team, and we can always rely on their creativity and commitment to help us get the job done. Their skill and support continually exceed our expectations.”




Marketing Operations Insights

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Building a streamlined global marketing organization

Develop impactful assets and place them at the service of teams around the world.

Digital Now Podcast

DigitalNOW Podcast | Transform your digital marketing without being “creepy”

Digital Transformation may mean different things to different people.

Improving UX and accessibility for a better online experience

Web accessibility: what it is and why it’s important for business

Website accessibility helps businesses practice social inclusivity, improve their brand perception, and build a better experience for all customers.