At a glance

A multinational banking and financial services holding company enlisted us to integrate its expansive social media presence onto a single platform, consolidating all communication and monitoring to ensure cohesive, consistent brand messaging. 

Customer challenge

The client’s expansive social reach required a strategy for effectively managing all outreach activity, from customer care to social marketing. To increase efficiency, reduce duplicative efforts, and ensure consistent messaging, it was critical to consolidate more than 20 social media accounts, located across numerous channels, on a single platform.

Why they chose us

As a long-standing customer, this client was familiar with our ability to deliver results. After an RFP was issued to find a suitable social media platform, we were chosen to assist the enterprise banking brand.

Value and benefits – “The Wins”

We developed and executed a cohesive strategy for consolidating the client’s social media presence. This integration changed the way the client interacts with its customer base by simplifying management of over 20 social channels and adding capabilities such as

  • Assignment of roles
  • Management of a content calendar to schedule posts
  • Support of marketing initiatives
  • Visibility of ad campaign performance

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